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2004, ASES focusd on Meters for vehicles, Utility dry pressure gauge,
          vacuum pressure guage, compound pressure gauge, Bimetal thermometer, 
          and thermometer with capillary.

2005, We have developed long life serive pressure gauge : Digital pressure gauge and
          switch, Liquid filled gauge, 
oil temperature gauge.

2006, In year of 2006, we success RD stainless steel pressure gauge with Argon-arc
          Welding Case.

2007, Solar Digital thermometer was on production line.

2011, We designed Differential pressure controller.

2016, For Drinking Water Service and application, Lead Free pressure gauge on line.    


Why choose ASES ?




Reliable first


Since found, ASES has been committed to creating the most reliable measurement experience.


Everything we make at ASES is based on the success of the measuring experiences we provide. The goal of each discipline with us, be it accuracy, reliable , is to make our gauges as trust as possible for as many customers as we can reach.




Commit to Quality


“ ASES Product “ doesn’t just refer to our measuring experiences, but to every aspect of our works. We approach each mission seroiusly. We seek honest feedback and use it to improve the quality of our work.






ASES is one of the world's most influential instrumentation R & D and sellers. Since the founding of the ASES brand in 2004, the company has grown rapidly as one of the most popular and widely respected instrument factories. By emphasizing the excellence of the instrument design and precision experience, ASES company has enjoyed an incomparable reputation.




Every Voice Matter


Great Improvement come from every voice. ASES is what it is today because of the voices of our customer.




Moral commitment


We insist on the moral commitment be trusted by employees and customers , the pursuit of excellence, and reflect the professionalism as the best example.






The first impression of the operation of the company is important, but leave a long good and unforgettable good impression is our priority. So we work hard, with the most honest and upright attitude to treat all the colleagues, customers and business partners. Whether it is in the work or in life, ASES every employee's behavior reflects the belief.

Contact us : ares.chou@msa.hinet.net  ASES Co., Ltd.

services: Pressure gauges,Thermometers,Valves,Fittings