Pressure Range
If a gauge is not selected considering these criteria, it may cause to fatigue of the sensing element. And the failure occur. 

It is important to select a pressure range that is approximately twice the normal operating pressure of the media.

The normal operating range should be under the half of the range (between 25% and 50% of the full-scale range); whenever possible.

The maximum operating pressure should not exceed 75% of the full-scale range.
If pulsation is present, the maximum operating gauge pressure should not exceed 50%.

Temperature Range
Normal temperature ranges for dry gauges are between -40°F to 150°F(-40°C to 65°C). 
Normal temperature ranges for glycerin-filled gauges are -13°F to 150°F (-25°C to 65°C).

Gauge accessories can extend temperature ranges further, sush cas syphons, diaphragm seals, cooling.

Accuracy will be affected by approximately 1.5% per 100°F.